A Smarter Way to Serve our Community - Certis Smart Networked Security

A Smarter Way to Serve our Community - Certis Smart Networked Security

01 March 2021

A Smarter Way to Serve our Community - Certis Smart Networked Security

Community spaces are vital for people from all walks of life to mingle. It is also a familiar environment for all to unwind that is close to their homes. Situated in the heartlands, Our Tampines Hub (OTH) is a bustling venue where families and friends meet up for sports and recreation, as well as partake in events and celebrate the festive occasions together. 

Using a myriad of purpose-built smart robots, artificial intelligence and manpower, Certis deployed over 90 Auxiliary Police Officers and Security Officers in unison with Certis K-9 Unit at OTH, specially to safeguard patrons at one of 11 community new year’s eve countdown event. 

As Singapore's largest integrated community and lifestyle hub, ensuring the overall security and safety of OTH and its patrons is definitely no solo performance. Our officers are able to keep the crowd, traffic and access points under control professionally and confidently, because they are well supported by our smart robots – the ‘eagle eyes’ of Certis. 

Equipped with live-streaming cameras and sensors, our smart robots relay first-hand sightings to Certis' Smart Command Operations Centre (SCOC), enabling our security team at OTH with enhanced situational awareness and response. On top of that, our concierge robot also improves shopping experiences by allowing patrons to digitally connect and speak to customer service officers on duty. 

Coupled together with our Certis K-9 dogs and their handlers, Certis is sure to leave no stone unturned as they are trained to detect potential threats that are invisible to the eyes. Their presence also provides an added deterrence to threats at large scale events.

With smart technology and manpower operating in perfect symphony, the public's security and safety can be kept uncompromised, even in the presence of Phase Three and public holidays where crowds would be expected. The Certis Smart Networked Security will continue to serve as the foundation of our security operations, benefitting users of OTH.

"Securing large scale events like the countdown has been a long-standing tradition of Certis. The synergy in our robots, officers and Certis K-9, is a boost to our capabilities in securing the premises, allowing our personnel to detect and respond swiftly to any incident. Our officers are proud to have safeguarded the community, making new year celebrations possible for the people, even during COVID-19." said Gabriel Lim, Head of Statutory Board (Government), from Certis Land Security.


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