Innovative Solution to Boost Real-Time Security Awareness Across Australia

Innovative Solution to Boost Real-Time Security Awareness Across Australia

14 April 2021


Industry-leading technological solution - The Business Operations Support System (BOSS), is an integral part of advanced security capabilities delivered by Certis Security Australia. Currently, BOSS has been successfully deployed nation-wide across our client sites including key transport hubs, government agencies, major healthcare centres and education facilities.

BOSS has also been deployed to several world-class airports with great success, supported by our unique Operations-Technology (Ops-Tech) processes that focus on customer partnership and innovation.


BOSS integrates operations seamlessly to produce market-leading real-time situational awareness of our field operations. It operates as an application in our security officers’ smart phone devices which allow them to harness the power of a next generation command and control system at their fingertips, creating efficiencies and productivity. In addition, BOSS also provides clients with site-specific information to assist with transparent and responsive security service information management.

Each year, BOSS pushes up to eight releases through the application. Key new features and fixes are delivered to enhance the experience for both security officers and customers. This is part of our commitment to continually improve and progress with technology advancement. In addition, BOSS now has intelligent features such as facial recognition for authentication.

Most recently, BOSS was awarded ‘Best Digital Transformation’ project at the Outsystems Next Step Conference held in Denver and Amsterdam. The OutSystems Innovation Awards recognise, honour, and celebrate the organisations and people that are using OutSystems to make IT more proactive, productive and essential to create business value and drive innovation.

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