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In partnership with our customers Australia wide, Certis Security Australia designs, builds, and operates bespoke ops-tech outsourcing solutions for a wide range of business needs. 

We are unique in our ability to combine advanced security, technology & systems integration, facilities management, internet of things (IoT), concierge and other services into one seamless integrated solution; and all with in-house capabilities.

We deliver the future of outsourcing today.

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Driving Business

Our Solutions

Today, Certis Security Australia is a partner of choice for businesses and organisations in multiple sectors all across Australia. Our integrated outsourcing solutions allow our customers to focus on their core business, while we manage, protect and secure their critical business operations.

Certis Security Australia specialises in fusing technological innovation with decades of security best-practice to deliver modern and sophisticated end-to-end solutions for our customers.

Integrated Technology Solutions

The digital world is constantly evolving and you need a security partner who can keep up. Certis Security Australia is renowned for building innovative systems to incorporate robust IoT security solutions.

  • Operations technology
  • Systems integration
  • Intelligent analytics and surveillance solutions
  • Smart hub and smart city solutions
  • IoT system monitoring services
  • Network & security
  • Infrastructure solutions

National Operations Centre

Certis Security Australia delivers 24/7 support through its National Operations Centre (NOC). It’s here, in this centralised operations centre, where we monitor and keep control of everything we do for our clients across 500+ sites.


Physical Security

Physical Security

A physical security presence can go a long way to not only protect your business, but add a personal touch. We work with you to develop a deep understanding of your security needs, then appoint security officers to match your environment, culture and requirements.   

Our physical security services include: 

        • Enforcement services
        • Integrated operations centre
        • Security officers 
        • K9 services
        • NV1 Cleared Security Offices
        • RIW Trained Security Officers

        Aviation Security Services

        Aviation Security Services

        Certis Security Australia is a global leader in providing world-class, aviation security services to some of the world’s busiest airports, including some right here in Australia. 

        We have a relationship with Sydney Airport spanning 50+ years. 

        Our aviation services include: 

        • Aviation screening

        • Checked baggage screening 

        • Perimeter security 

        • Anti-touting enforcement 

        • Traffic enforcement

        • Airport pass issuance 

        • Customer greeting & queue management

        Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

        Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

        Need some extra sets of hands? Certis Security Australia offers professional and cost-effective outsourcing solutions to assist you in areas such as human resources services and facilities management. 

        Our BPO services include: 

        • Training services

        • Human resource services

        • Healthcare support services  

        Mobile Patrols

        Mobile Patrols

        Mobile patrols are an effective way to protect your assets, without the cost of a full-time security officer. We provide our patrol officers with comprehensive training and ensure they are familiar with your site so they can respond quickly to irregularities and disturbances.  

        Our mobile patrol service include: 

        • Perimeter patrols

        • Site inspections

        • Alarm response

        • Emergency response

        • Patrol vehicles  

        Concierge and Customer Service

        Concierge and Customer Service

        At Certis Security Australia, we believe a human touch is important for delivering excellent experiences. Our concierge and customer service guards are courteous, friendly and approachable to leave a strong and lasting impression on your customers. 

        Our concierge and customer service solutions include: 

        • Corporate reception duties

        • Meeting and greeting customers

        • Signing in and escorting visitors

        • Administration assistance 

        • Booking meeting rooms

        • Allocating visitor parking

        Access Control

        Access Control

        Our access control guards operate with one goal in mind: providing accurate and timely access to all authorised personnel. Denying unauthorised personal access to your facilities keeps your site safe, and allows you to get on with running your business. 

        Our access control services include: 

        • Maintaining log-book entries

        • Maintaining visitor register

        • Production of access and photo ID cards

        • Conducting identification checks

        • Being the face of your business and brand 

        K9 Services

        K9 Services

        Certis Security Australia’s K9 teams are fully-trained, licenced handlers and operate across Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland. The K9 teams are skilled at providing increased detection of intruders and faster intervention across a range of sectors including transport and infrastructure, government, events, education and construction. 

        Traffic Management

        Traffic Management

        Whether it’s crowd control, road works or airport drop-off, Certis Security Australia can manage your traffic environment in a way that is timely, safe and conflict-free. 

        Our traffic management services include: 

        • Airport kerb-side traffic management 

        • Road works traffic management

        • Event security and crowd control

        Cash in Transit (CIT) Secure Logistics

        Cash in Transit (CIT) Secure Logistics

        For our CIT services, Certis Security Australia combines highly qualified and trained personnel with customised vehicles to ensure the currency we transfer is protected at every juncture. 

        We are proud of our track record providing CIT services to customers with zero incidents and no loss of money or injury to staff. 

        Counter Terrorism

        Counter Terrorism

        In today’s world, you can never be too alert. Certis Security Australia’s counter terrorism service assigns highly trained professionals to investigate potential threats and advise you on a case-by-case security strategy. 

        Our counter terrorism service includes: 

        • Risk assessment

        • Critical incident management plans 

        Key Management

        Key Management

        Key management is an important element of basic security and when done correctly can be a simple yet powerful security tool. Certis Security Australia provides a purposefully built key safe with access controls to grant permissions to users. 

        Screening Services

        Screening Services

        Our clients use a variety of screening solutions, from permanent screening points at airports, courts and corporate buildings, through to temporary screening points for events. 

        Our screening services include: 

        • Baggage screening

        • Passenger screening

        • Mail room screening

        • Freight screening 

        Work Safety Officers

        Work Safety Officers

        Work Safety Officers will conduct work safety functions, worksite supervision and vehicle escorting in accordance with your aviation security requirements. 

        Certis Security Australia’s Work Safety Officers will ensure the overall safety of aircraft operations in accordance with the safe planning and conduct of aerodrome works and supply information necessary to maintain the safety of aircraft operations. 

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