Temperature Testing Solutions

Temperature Testing Solutions

During the COVID-19 period, we are here to continue to help minimise risk by protecting your business and your workers

Certis Security Australia COVID-19 Security Services


Abnormal body temperature is one of the symptoms of COVID-19 and Certis Security Australia is here to offer our professional and experienced on-site security services together with screening measures to help test the temperature of your staff and visitors.

Temperature checks are a preventative measure that can greatly reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. By identifying symptoms such as elevated temperature or fever, these tests will help keep your business and employees safe, bringing certainty during uncertain times.


Why Certis?


Our temperature screening solutions are an adaptive on-site security service that we tailor to customers' requirements and relevant industry sectors.

Find out more on our flexible and personalised temperature testing solutions and capabilities of our trained security guards by downloading the brochure.


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