BOSS: Meet the innovative tech supporting security transparency

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BOSS: Meet the innovative tech supporting security transparency

14 June 2019

BOSS: Meet the innovative tech supporting security transparency

Transparency is central to our relationship with every client. But in a complex business environment, how do you maintain that transparency?


Our answer is the Business Operations Support System (BOSS), and it’s critical to ongoing success. The only Australian security system built on the cloud-based OutSystems platform, BOSS technology means we have full visibility of everything happening on site, from security team rosters to incident reporting, in real-time. It offers an unparalleled level of technological sophistication.


“BOSS is very different to anything else out there,” says Ying Loong Lee, General Manager Strategic Ops Tech & Market Development at Certis Security Australia. “It enables both us and our clients to not only get real-time information, but also real-time decision making, whether that’s around a guard not being able to do their shift, or an incident or hazard that needs to be reported.”


How BOSS works


Each client is given their own log-in to BOSS, enabling a view of all relevant site data, information and reports. It updates activities as soon the security team logs them.


Security officers check-in via a GPS-enabled smartphone app – a missed or late check-in, or a check-in from an unknown location will alert our National Operations Centre immediately and enables us to ensure clients have the correct level of staffing at all times, and that staff are safe.


Every hour, a welfare check is sent to each officer, to ask them to confirm their status. This information is sent immediately to the National Operations Centre and acted upon when need be.


Should an incident occur, a customised report including images, time stamps and geolocation is uploaded, sending alerts and notifications to our National Operations Centre and to the devices of key stakeholders, and triggering an effective, timely response when required. Reports can also be sent to clients automatically upon submission.


“Typically in the security industry, incidents that happen onsite require a lot of calls to be made. Sometimes the client has a meeting, they don’t get the call, and the communication chain is broken,” says Ying Loong Lee.


“BOSS is able to push all of these notifications to the various parties necessary to understand what’s going on. At the back-end, make sure that the information flow is timely and fast.”


As a cloud-based system, BOSS eliminates the need for traditional paper-based items, such as calling cards, sign-in registers and paper incident log books – significantly reducing the chances of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands or reports getting lost. This also provides secure access from anywhere and better searching capabilities.


Making BOSS work


The bespoke algorithms powering the BOSS system are configured to meet the current needs of teams and businesses as well as adapt and evolve to meet future needs, too.


In the coming months we’ll be running client workshops and enacting a change management plan to explain how BOSS will be rolled out, and customise it to each site.

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