Forging team work values at Corroboree Certis

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Forging team work values at Corroboree Certis

28 February 2020

Forging team work values at Corroboree Certis

Corroboree Certis is our commitment to supporting Indigenous communities by providing job opportunities within the security sector.

A new initiative underway in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is to recruit from grass roots and focus on Indigenous youth to provide a career pathway into the security industry. The initiative was a proactive response to the challenges Corroboree Certis have faced with Indigenous recruitment as only 5,000 people identify as Indigenous in the ACT.

The first team building session was recently held, with 7 of the first pool of 10 candidates participating in a rock climbing challenge.

To open the session, Carley McDevitt from Achieve Corp. and host, Armando Corvini from Guided Outdoor Adventures, spoke to the group. They highlighted the benefits that rock climbing has on the body and mind, as well as the team work required to complete successfully.

Scott Nelson, ACT State Manager, spoke to the team about feeling apprehensive when facing new challenges, and that this may be similar to how they could feel entering the workforce for the first time or dealing with new challenges at work.

The session was a success as the group opened up and gave each other encouragement to reach the top, passing overhangs and obstacles. The session taught the importance of team work, a core value of Certis Security Australia, and that supporting each other as a team you can achieve more than alone.

The group are one step closer to being ready to commence work with Corroboree Certis as customer service officers.

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