Technology's Significance in Modern Security

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Technology's Significance in Modern Security

10 November 2020

Technology's Significance in Modern Security

By Christian Dorau, General Manager of Business Development Services at Certis Security Australia

The world continues to change significantly and what worked in the past doesn’t necessarily work today. Criminals in society realise this and regularly try to exploit it, looking for businesses or people that apply yesterday’s solutions to today’s security challenges. Whether it be vandalism, theft or otherwise, these offenders identify outdated security measures and find ways to bypass them. In order to negate the effectiveness of these individuals and protect ourselves, it’s important we turn to technology and innovation over traditional measures. 

For example, no longer will a few cameras and an alarm be enough to protect your premises. As good as it is to provide a deterrent, in the end you may only be capturing footage of someone stealing or damaging your property. At Certis Security Australia, with our 95+ years of experience; we continuously innovate and integrate a range of technologies to provide the protection our customers need.

Looking to the future - Intelligent analytics and surveillance solutions

Intelligent analytics and surveillance solutions are key areas Certis Security Australia is focusing on to further enhance our technology offering for our customers. This is an incredibly exciting area which presents opportunities to analyse data and identify patterns in criminal activity in ways that have never before been possible.

For example, data accrued over time may indicate a particular cluster of shops within a centre is consistently targeted by shoplifters. Through the use of intelligent analytics, not only will it be possible to identify the problem, but we can also determine why this is the case—perhaps there is an easy escape or lower visibility in this area. By gleaning these insights, intelligent analytics will enable us to implement appropriate measures including increasing guard presence and/or blocking off typical escape routes.

While some offenders are just opportunistic and don’t put a great deal of thought into their illegal activities; for most it’s not the case. Experienced offenders monitor their target and look out for any specific patterns or potential hindrances such as regular patrols or guard dogs. It’s important we remain ahead of attackers by utilising cutting edge technologies and innovations, ensuring they don’t view our customers as attractive targets.

In order to protect in modern times, it is critical to utilise modern technologies. The world around us is forever evolving, so it’s important security practices do too. At Certis Security Australia, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of security, utilising both locally-developed and global resources to enable us to deliver world-class security to our customers.

Business Operations Support System (BOSS)

We have developed our own secure cloud-based platform that provides our security managers with real-time visibility across everything happening on customer sites. It is key in our ability to continuously deliver a high level of service to customers, as it enables our security managers to remotely monitor sites and personnel via the National Operations Centre, while security patrols provide an on-ground presence and investigate any potential issues. This not only helps us to protect customers but enables us to ensure the safety of our own employees.

Using facial recognition technology, BOSS verifies that the right security personnel are performing the duties assigned to them. In line with everything we do at Certis Security Australia, we work closely with customers prior to implementing BOSS on their premises, with the system only being deployed following client review and approval. What’s more, the data is located within Australia in a data centre that complies with both global and Australian industry standards.

As a business looking to invest in security, it’s important to select a provider you can trust; that’s why BOSS is critical. BOSS delivers full transparency and ensures accountability, ultimately building a relationship founded on trust.

National Operations Centre

Our National Operations Centre (NOC) is a critical component of the services we deliver to our customers—it’s the core of our business, with all of our security and facilities management offerings being driven through the NOC.

The NOC delivers 24/7 support to customers (and deployed guards), centralising our operations and allowing us to monitor and maintain control of everything we do for our clients, spanning across more than 500 sites. Ultimately, the NOC provides us with a bird’s eye view of our security network.

For more information on how we use technology and innovations in modern security, get in touch with us now.

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