Our future-ready workforce prepared for Industry 4.0

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Our future-ready workforce prepared for Industry 4.0

15 January 2021

Our future-ready workforce prepared for Industry 4.0

By Liza James, National Manager Organisational Learning & Development at Certis Security Australia

Advances in communication technologies, internet connected devices and data analytics are being developed and used at a much quicker pace than at any other time in history. As a result, many believe we are now living through the fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0.


Industry 4.0 uses transformative technologies to connect the physical world with the digital world and includes the use of advanced automation and robotics, AI and machine learning, sensor technologies and data analytics and more. Like every industry, security will feel the effects of Industry 4.0 as it is set to change the way we protect our customers. In preparation for this change, we’re investing in and innovating with new technologies such as intelligent analytics to enable us to work more effectively with customers. However, in order to grow and succeed through Industry 4.0, it’s important we have the skills to be able to work with modern technologies and processes.


That’s why we’re always looking to tomorrow, ensuring we create a future-ready workforce that is prepared for Industry 4.0.


A large part of developing a future-ready workforce is our ability to deliver tailor-made learning and development programs that make a significant difference to our:

1.    Employees as they develop their skillsets preparing them for Industry 4.0

2.    Customers who will be the ultimate beneficiaries of new and innovative protection.


We are about to commence delivery of a series of new training programs that are developed and delivered in-house via the Certis Learning Management System (LMS), which enables us to leverage both global and local resources—such as Certis Corporate University and Certis Academy Australia. Our programs focus on four key pillars to ensure we achieve our goal of developing a future-ready workforce:

·          Timeliness

·          Customisation

·          Flexibility

·          Bite-sized


These bespoke training programs enable employees to improve their ability to work with next-gen technologies that are critical to Industry 4.0 such as cloud computing, data analytics, robotics and 5G. By elevating the skills of our employees, we not only maintain an engaged and connected workforce, but ensure we continue to improve the protection we provide to customers.


Industry 4.0 is upon us. Organisations that fail to jump onboard the fourth industrial revolution will fall behind, while those that embrace it and embed it as a part of normal operations will continue to grow and succeed into the future. At Certis Security Australia, we choose the latter and are preparing for Industry 4.0, ultimately providing a plethora of benefits to both our employees and customers.

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