Safeguarding Australia’s Aviation Industry with Innovative Australian-first Learning Programme

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Safeguarding Australia’s Aviation Industry with Innovative Australian-first Learning Programme

02 March 2021

Safeguarding Australia’s Aviation Industry with Innovative Australian-first Learning Programme

Certis Security Australia has recently launched an innovative suite of e-learning modules that are revolutionising the way learning and development is delivered in the aviation sector. 

Available via Certis’ industry-leading Learning Management System 2.0, these bespoke e-learning programmes are tailored to the unique role of every employee. By harnessing technology to develop their skills and knowledge, our customers and aviation clients, including Sydney Airport, Australia’s largest airport, plus regional airports across the nation are assured that they remain at the forefront of aviation security.

“The implementation of these learning modules demonstrates our agility and adaptability in being able to ensure professional development continues during a time where the aviation sector is so heavily disrupted,” said Timothy Butcher, National Manager, Aviation Security. “With the potential for aviation restrictions to relax in the months ahead, the training is vital in keeping our clients safe, secure and equipped with the latest technology and skills currency to respond to the ever-changing nature of aviation security and keep both passengers and the community safe.” 

With 1,700 aviation staff across eight airports and 13 freight sites throughout Australia, providing ongoing professional development ensures our clients always receive best-in-class customer service, and guarantees team members have the skills needed to thrive in their roles and exceed clients’ expectations as the aviation world begins its long journey to recovery.

Designed in close collaboration with operational managers who understand local market nuances, the critical new aviation modules offer a dashboard uniquely tailored to each employee by client, site and role, which is an Australian first. This innovative feature in turn strengthens our unique security and technology offering for aviation clients across the country. 

“Importantly, the new system aligns with the unique needs of each user, while giving the team flexibility to complete learning modules at their own pace in remote working conditions,” highlighted Instructional Designer Jane O’Neill. “This flexibility will empower our aviation clients with world-leading personnel equipped with expert knowledge to ensure a seamless level of service, as we progressively partner with our clients to return to the workplace and resume increased services over the coming months.”

To ensure customers get the most out of our employee training program, the modules feature theoretical knowledge-based questions and can also be complemented with practical observations in a live operational environment tailored to specific clients. 

Covering topics such as access control and secondary security screening, the modules ensure our team returns to support and safeguard our clients with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills to protect the safety and security of passengers, the workplace and the aviation community. 

This is a testament to Certis’ commitment to developing world-class offerings to our aviation clients as the market begins to slowly recuperate from the pandemic. 

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