R U OK? Day - Reaching out and supporting our colleagues

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R U OK? Day - Reaching out and supporting our colleagues

10 September 2021

R U OK? Day - Reaching out and supporting our colleagues

In recent months, Australians have battled bushfires, floods and a global pandemic, all by supporting and looking out for each other. This week, Certis Security joined businesses and individuals around the country as we asked, R U OK?

Every year, R U OK? Day encourages us to question ourselves and each other. Do you know how the people in your world are really going? This year, R U OK?’s key message was: Are they really ok? Through an unusually difficult year, many of us have put on a brave face and pushed aside our own concerns, but on R U OK? Day we pledge to check in with those around us to make sure that they are being heard.

It has been particularly hard to keep up with others during lockdown, as we have been separated from the people we would often see every day. Friends, families and colleagues have had to stay in touch virtually, and it’s been important to find ways to connect with people individually. The harm prevention charity R U OK? focuses on building the motivation, confidence and skills of the help-giver: the person who can have a meaningful conversation with someone who is struggling in life.

This year, Certis Security Australia marked R U OK? Day virtually, as we supported our colleagues currently in lockdown. Corporate and frontline employees, in their sunniest yellow outfits, joined a livestreamed presentation on Thursday afternoon to learn about active listening and promoting mental health. Topics included creating conversation corners, what to say after ‘ok’, giving the gift of conversation, and opening dialogues with marginalised groups. Sometimes, it can be difficult to start a conversation with people you aren’t as familiar with, but this presentation helped the Certis family understand the importance of reaching out and offering a place of safety for everyone, regardless of pre-existing relationships.

Life's ups and downs happen to all of us. Chances are someone you know might be struggling. Your genuine support can make a difference whatever they are facing, big or small. So, don’t wait until someone’s visibly distressed or in crisis. Make a moment meaningful and ask them how they’re really going.

Are they really OK? Ask them today. Your conversation could change a life.

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