Certis Security Australia is Finalist to 2021 JLL Vendor Awards

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Certis Security Australia is Finalist to 2021 JLL Vendor Awards

23 September 2021

Certis Security Australia is Finalist to 2021 JLL Vendor Awards

We are delighted to announce that Certis Security Australia has been named as a finalist at the ‘2021 JLL Vendor Awards’! Our long-standing partnership with JLL is incredibly important to all Certis Security Australia employees, and we have proudly worked to provide exemplary security and customer services for many years. It is truly an honour to be nominated for our achievements in Compliance and Safety, Sustainability and Diversity, and Customer Service Excellence.

“We deeply value our partnership with JLL and I’m proud of the recognition JLL have showed with our nomination in these three categories,” said Certis Security Australia's JLL Strategic Account Manager, Matt Van Dalen. “It’s wonderful to have the work of so many individuals honoured in this way.”

Certis Security Australia’s partnership with JLL goes back over 35 years, and during that time we have both continued to grow. JLL has valued our dynamic reporting structures to maintain safety and compliance for all parties, including monitoring contractual, licensing and critical governance requirements. Our commitment to consistently upskilling our workforce has meant that JLL has always been able to rely on the best equipped workforce.

Our dedication to constant understanding and improvement has allowed JLL to rely on Certis Security Australia solutions, even in difficult times. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the ever-evolving needs of JLL and their clients, providing top-class security and customer service for a range of sites. Working together, we adapted to the changing requirements of lockdowns and restrictions by increasing staffing quotas as required, and our high standards have ensured low incident rates throughout COVID.

JLL and Certis Security Australia share a deep commitment to diversity in the workplace, and we are particularly proud of our ongoing programs to increase Indigenous involvement at all levels of our organisation, which is reflected amongst staff at JLL client sites. We are immensely proud to have been recognised by JLL for our achievements in this area, and for our dedication to making Certis Security Australia more sustainable. Our partnerships with organisations like Worn Up, which now recycles 100% of unused Certis Security Australia uniforms into usable products, greatly influenced JLL’s decision to shortlist us for the Sustainability and Diversity Award. We have now successfully encouraged many of our clients and community members to also partner with Worn Up to reduce potential landfill and increase awareness of sustainable practices.

Thank you to JLL for selecting us as finalists and recognising the hard work of so many individuals and teams. We look forward to the awards ceremony next month and to many more years together!

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