Showcasing the future of security at the 2021 ASIAL Security Conference

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Showcasing the future of security at the 2021 ASIAL Security Conference

17 November 2021

Showcasing the future of security at the 2021 ASIAL Security Conference

Certis Security Australia today showcased the future of the Australian security industry at the 2021 ASIAL Security Conference. Utilising modern technologies including robotics and artificial intelligence, case studies from Certis in Singapore were presented via The Certis Experience, a new virtual presentation and conference platform that allows Certis to collaborate and present in a 360-degree immersive experience connecting participants with virtual sites from around the world.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we live, work and play. To meet the requirements of a changing world and to increase customer safety and engagement, we are integrating technology into our solutions more than ever before,” said Christian Dorau, General Manager of Customer Experience at Certis Security Australia.

Using The Certis Experience, Christian and Fuji Foo, Certis’ Chief Digital Officer, presented the future of the Australian security industry via an innovative and immersive virtual experience. Attendees of the 2021 ASIAL Security Conference were digitally transported to Singapore's Jewel Changi Airport, where the nature-themed entertainment and retail complex – linked to three of the airport’s passenger terminals – utilises Security+ in all areas of its system. Security+ is an exclusive system which aims to bridge the gap between modern and traditional solutions by combining security, facilities management, guest services and more for a wholistic approach, with one central system handling logistics.

At Jewel, this means that visitors interact with Certis’ technology from the moment they leave their car to the moment they board their flight, including kerbside patrol and traffic enforcement robots, CCTV & AI monitoring, and facility maintenance for lifts and major water features.

In addition, attendees were virtually taken to Paya Lebar Quarter, a retail, office, and residential development in Singapore. To manage security throughout the four-hectare site, Certis introduced Security+. This holistic solution is able to integrate technology, security and human talent to maintain visitor safety in the high-density communal spaces. Concierge security robots are fitted with AI-enabled live-streaming cameras, sensors and facial recognition capabilities which allow them to locate missing persons and detect anti-social behaviour.

This vision for a technology-equipped industry coincides with the recent expansion of our technology focus – the appointment of a new Chief Executive, Kang Song Lim, and General Manager of Technology, Joanna Simpson, affirming a commitment to technology-driven security solutions.

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