Certis technology is changing the outlook of security in commercial real estate

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Certis technology is changing the outlook of security in commercial real estate

23 March 2022

Certis technology is changing the outlook of security in commercial real estate

It has been a roller-coaster couple of years for the commercial property sector thanks to the challenges posed by COVID-19. Landlords and developers have had to navigate the effects of the virus after the pandemic accelerated changes and new rules and regulations were introduced.

Limiting the spread of COVID-19 has been top of the priority list for landlords and facilities managers, and a key part of avoiding further lockdowns. Service providers have had to adapt to mitigate health risks for their employees and/or customers, and many developers can’t obtain permits and they face construction delays, stoppages, and potentially shrinking rates of return.

Throughout this time the security industry has continued to perform a vital frontline role in helping to keep the community safe and secure, demonstrating resourcefulness and innovation in responding rapidly to changing customer needs, and helping them adapt.

To counter these issues, the use of analytics has also become an important part of modern security and responding to incidents using data has become a top priority for organisations. Certis' intelligent security solutions allow security professionals to analyse the data and recognise certain patterns, such as time or location that incidents take place.

By using intelligent analytics, not only is it possible to identify any immediate problem, but also determine why it has occurred, such as lower visibility in an area of the site, helping customers respond rapidly to any issues at hand.

Thanks to recent advancements in video analytics, automated notifications can be sent out to security teams to alert them of a potential threat or obstruction. Being armed with this data means that security teams can be better prepared to strategically place guards in certain areas at critical times, to ensure assets are best protected and to help minimise any disruption.

It’s important to address that security no longer only refers to patrolling guards tasked with protection management of a nominated site. Certis Security Australia’s tech-enabled security solutions of today can lead to productivity gains, cost savings and optimisations to business processes.

Another challenge that the industry has been facing is when a property changes hands, but the security company remains in charge of the site. Property owners and operators need to access bespoke solutions to best suit their needs.

Certis Security Australia’s BPRO® (Business Process Re-engineering and Operations) framework helps customers manage change and disruption effectively and can provide outcomes that extend beyond security in the areas of risk, compliance, safety and more. We start with the end in mind and align our goals with our customers’ desired outcomes. Guided by design thinking, we place our stakeholders at the centre of all that we do. We adopt a problem-solving approach, encouraging our people to innovate. All this while empathising with customers’ challenges and operational realities.

Certis Security Australia has also developed its own secure cloud-based platform (BOSS) that provides facilities managers with real-time visibility across everything happening on their sites. This is key in delivering a consistently high level of service to customers as it offers clients greater visibility and situational awareness across their operations, while security patrols provide an on-ground presence, investigating any potential issues. This not only helps to protect customers but ensures the safety of employees.

The National Operations Centre (NOC) is a critical component of the services Certis Security Australia delivers to customers. It’s the core of the business, delivering 24/7 support to customers, ensuring the welfare of deployed guards, centralising Certis Security’s operations and allowing the team to monitor and maintain a holistic view of our guard force nationally.

Certis Security Australia continues to help customers adapt to increased safety requirements necessitated by restrictions, providing solutions to keep the COVID-19 pandemic at bay, protect the community and aid other essential workers in performing their duties. There is no doubt that security in the commercial property sector has changed, and Certis is proud to be on the front line, leading the way in innovation and technology.

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