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Security Industry Blood Challenge

05 April 2022

Security Industry Blood Challenge

Did you know that one in three of us at Certis Security Australia will need a blood transfusion? That's why we’ve joined the Security Industry Blood challenge to make a genuine difference to the community and donate something more powerful than money.

Organised by the Australian Red Cross, the Lifeblood program encourages individuals and organisations to build teams and donate blood to help those in need. Whether it’s first thing, during lunch or part of a regular social activity, saving lives is always a good reason to get together. Teaming up to donate blood can be a life-changing experience and help teams bond, all in a day’s work.

To date, the Certis Security Australia Lifeblood team has helped save 12 lives as part of this year’s challenge, and we know we can do even better! Even those who haven’t directly received a transfusion have been impacted by the generosity of blood donations, so we’re encouraging more Certis employees and customers to join us in changing lives today.

Tanya Honess, National Projects and Administration Manager, has been instrumental in driving this project and encouraging others to join in, helping identify donation locations and providing key information to staff. Thanks to her encouragement, Aamer Beg Humayun, Client Services Manager, became the first Certis Security Australia employee to officially donate to the cause, and he was soon followed by Anthony Yates, State Manager WA.

Thank you Tanya, Aamer and Anthony for rolling up your sleeves for such a good cause.

If you’re not able to donate right now, you can still help! Encourage your colleagues to get on board and nominate a friend or family member to donate in your place – they can even join the Certis Security Australia Lifeblood team!

Find a donor centre near you:

And you can check the Certis Security Australia tally on the Challenge website at any time

Every donation counts.

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