Property Congress 2022

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Property Congress 2022

13 April 2022

Property Congress 2022

This year, Certis Security Australia was an associate sponsor of the Property Congress event in Hobart, which was attended by over 800 people, making it the most successful Property Congress to date. The event brought together inspiring leaders and innovative ideas looking back on a year of resilience, and looking optimistically towards the future while addressing the big issues driving property development and investment, in Australia and globally.

Integrate electronics, low unemployment rate, increasingly important to deliver customer outcomes

While there are several key takeaways from the event, there are two that stand out. The first was a discussion with Australian and international experts and leaders who provided their thoughts on a post-pandemic Australia. The atmosphere was optimistic, as speakers are confident that cities will continue to open up and the Australian economy will bounce back, with “business as usual” changing as we enter the post-pandemic phase.

This is all very exciting, but also means more changes for the security industry. Limiting the spread of the constantly mutating coronavirus variants will be paramount for many landlords and business owners. To do this effectively, property owners, managers and personnel working in Commercial Real Estate (CRE) must address their current operations and adapt to any new challenges, upgrades, and laws.

To deal with these changes, and the current low unemployment rate in Australia, developers and managers will likely change the way they work with security providers and look at them as business/operations enablers more than ever before. The integration of electronics into existing systems is increasingly important to clients. As a result, security organisations such as Certis Security Australia will need to increase the integration and deployment of cutting-edge electronics solutions to counter these challenges and consistently deliver customer outcomes.

The second key takeaway was how ecommerce is pushing the retail and logistics sectors in Australia to catch up with developed countries around the world. With the supply chain industry in Australia undergoing constant disruption, challenges and pressure, there is a greater need for organisations to adapt more quickly keep up with consumer demands, and strengthen their reputations. Similarly, security organisations will continue to go beyond the traditional scope of “security services” to help increase productivity in the logistics, distribution and freight sectors.

For Certis Security Australia, resourcefulness and innovation have been essential when responding rapidly to our customers’ changing needs, so that we can help our clients adapt to any changing circumstances. As we look ahead to a post-pandemic world and, in particular, at the challenges facing the CRE sector, it’s clear there are exciting opportunities for CRE and security to collaborate moving forward.

It was fantastic to be a part of the Property Congress and hear from industry leaders on today’s challenges and how we’ll progress into the future. We already can’t wait for the next event!

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