Certis Security Australia officers saved life of an 85-year-old woman

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Certis Security Australia officers saved life of an 85-year-old woman

19 May 2022

Certis Security Australia officers saved life of an 85-year-old woman

The life of a security officer can be difficult and demanding, often requiring officers to respond to challenging circumstances to help and protect others. Sometimes, they even help to save a life.

Earlier this year, Certis Security officers Deanna Symonds and Michael Dallow were patrolling a major South Australian shopping centre when they were alerted to an emergency first aid call at a café. They responded swiftly to the call and found a female customer choking and unable to breathe.

Deanna quickly leapt into action, assessing the patient and using her first aid training to help the customer. After repeatedly applying pressure to the woman’s back, Deanna managed to dislodge the blockage and supported the patient until she was able to resume breathing.

Throughout the ordeal, Michael stayed in constant communication with emergency services until they arrived on site. He also attended to the customer’s distressed family by providing assurance and support.

Deanna and Michael stayed with the customer and her family until paramedics arrived and learned that the patient had been celebrating her 85th birthday when the incident occurred. The family were extremely grateful to Deanna and Michael for their empathy and medical assistance in a difficult situation.

Michael and Deanna’s high degree of professionalism, competency and confidence helped saved a life. For her incredible first aid work, Deanna received a special commendation from Certis Security Australia’s Chief Executive, Kang Song Lim. Well done, Deanna and Michael! Thank you for your commitment to protecting our community.

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