Announcing our partnership with the University of Adelaide for a groundbreaking study

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Announcing our partnership with the University of Adelaide for a groundbreaking study

15 September 2022

Announcing our partnership with the University of Adelaide for a groundbreaking study

Security technology is constantly evolving to meet ever-changing demands. Today, Certis is translating these demands into actionable insights for businesses across the globe.

Certis Security Australia is proud to announce a new partnership with the University of Adelaide and its Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML). Together we will embark on a six-month research project to explore the ability of security technology to detect anomalies in public spaces and identify a wide range of threats.

Certis Security Australia’s Chief Executive, Kang Song Lim, Managing Director, Ying Loong Lee, and Certis’s Assistant Vice President of Business Digitalisation, Jeremin Ang, were joined by Professor Laura Parry, Interim Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research), at the official signing ceremony in Adelaide on September 15 to launch the project.

Kang Song Lim understands the value of efficient, targeted technology in this space. “We’ve listened to our customers, and we know they’re concerned about overcomplicated systems that don’t deliver the results they need. This partnership will create a market-first, a one-of-a-kind solution designed to detect any items that could pose a threat whilst reducing the work for our customers.”

Businesses have often expressed their concern that existing artificial intelligence systems only detect specific irregularities, requiring users to train their technology to recognise exhaustive collections of materials. Able to detect anomalies on a large scale with ease, this new technology will remove the need for laborious categorisation of materials before machines are able to detect a threat, and help security officers respond quickly and efficiently to stimuli.

The research will be led by the AIML team, including Dr Qi Wu, Senior Lecturer, ARC DECRA Fellow and Director of Vision and Language Methods; Dr Ehsan Abbasnejad, Senior Future Making Fellow and Director of Human Centred Machine Learning; and Dr Yuankai Qi, postdoctoral research fellow.

Dr Wu says the project will bring some interesting challenges, including training AI software to detect the different types of items that passengers typically carry in public transport hubs. As he explains, “It’s not like traditional object detection where we have a predefined object.”

Certis Security Australia looks forward to examining the results of this study in six months' time and exploring the future of security AI. The potential benefits are endless.

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